100H Women Yoga Training

Calle el Cercado, 16, 35543 Mala, Las Palmas, Spain


Primary type: ✓Training
Secondary type: ✓Yoga ✓Meditation ✓Wellness ✓Spiritual ✓Vegan
Skill Level: ✓Intermediate
Host Language: ✓English ✓Spanish


In this Yoga Training, we are going to transform our inner experience of life. Join in this experiential Conscious Woman Yoga Training at the magical volcanic island of Lanzarote, at Villa Marlene by the sea, integrated with natural pools. Learn the lifestyle tools and yoga practices that are necessary to live in balance, to unveil your essence. Experience inner and outer alignment and energetic flow from within. Learn how and what to practice and the purpose and principles that support the process of balancing. This Conscious Woman Yoga Training is a very subtle process of self-transformation. It is an experiential process: something you experience and make it part of yourself.

This Yoga Training is about enhancing your perception, learning how to tune yourself, your being: understanding the structure of your existence and arriving at the perfect tuning of your mind, emotions, body, and vitality so you can feel blissful no matter what happens around you. So that you become a conscious process.

A 16-day Women Yoga Training & 8-day Woman Yoga Retreat, to inspire you developing physical strength & Flexibility, vitality, inner harmony, mental clarity, emotional balance & overall renewal.

Sessions are developed in relation to the group and addressing each individual’s needs and body-type. Yoga practices are for health and balance, created to nurture you at any stage of life you are in.

Pranayama, Mantra, Meditations, Yoga Nidra, Healing Dance, Sacred Space, Dynamic meditations, Nature explorations & Practices, Full moon Ceremony, Nurturing and Feminine self-care practices, Nutrition, Ayurveda lifestyle practices for beauty & balance, Fire circles and Joyful gatherings are part of this journey for women. May this process inspire you and your evolutionary life journey!

What's included in the package

  • Daily Light breakfast & Brunch, Dinner Organic Vegan & Lacto Ovo Vegetarian at casa Marlen
  • 7/14 Days Yoga Course
  • Mornings & Evening Yoga Practices
  • One five rhythms dance session
  • Outdoor practices and Nature Walks will be scheduled on the go.
  • 7/15 nights shared accommodation
  • 6 spots for 16-Day training course 1-16 May
  • 4 spots for 8-day retreat 1-8 May & 9-16 May


Irana Ji An Yoga
Irana Ji An Fourouli -Yog’ratna – Senior Yoga Teacher Trainer, founder of Anapnoe Yoga®Awareness through the body and Yoga Shala Paros School of Yoga. Her experiential approach and unique style integrate breath, alignment and anatomical awareness to draw the student into their inner experience of each posture and into centering, strengthening integrally and flowing through the breath.
She has a Therapeutic approach towards the physical and emotional well being. Her knowledge of yoga, body, and mind inspire a transformational approach to yoga practice. Her experience as a Vinyasa Yoga practitioner and her background can be clearly felt in her precision, awareness of bioenergetic alignment and fluidity of movement in practice. Irana teaches with skill and confidence. Her instruction is clear and concise. Her calm, generous and analytical teaching is loved by all, whatever their yoga experience. Exploring both traditional form and more deconstructed, natural breath inspired movement, her yoga practice is creative, grounding, powerful, compassionate and vital in healing the body-mind and the psyche.



From £143/night

£2142 total


16 days / 15 nights


01/05/2020 - 16/05/2020

Retreat Capacity

8 people

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