Atha Yoga and Holidays

Camí Hort del Senyor, 43893 Altafulla, Tarragona, Spain


Primary type: ✓Yoga
Secondary type: ✓Meditation ✓Spiritual ✓Energy healing ✓Vegetarian
Skill Level: ✓Intermediate
Host Language: ✓English ✓German


Enjoy the summer sun, beach and the sea and start every day with a yoga-session that nourishes body and mind. After our delicious brunch, you can relax on the fine, sandy beach, do active water-sports, explore roman ruins, stroll through boutiques of the villages nearby, hike through protected pine forests or make yourself comfortable in our garden.

The point is that you do what you like and enjoy all the guidance and support we provide. Once a week we offer a walk to the natural beach Waikiki, which is framed by stunning sandstone. This beach can only be reached by foot!

Isabella Welsch guides the group through a program, with carefully designed atha yoga-classes on an intermediate level. She teaches her own, modern blend of different styles. Many poses allow you to adjust to an easier or more challenging level. We need to know a bit about physical and psychological fitness of a participant: Please let us know ahead if you have any conditions.

Note: Classes are taught english and german.

What's included in the package

  • Accomodation
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch


Isabella Welsch
I started teaching yoga from 1990 onwards, mostly in my own studios and at the University´s Sports Institute of Vienna. I also studied psychology and have been working as a psychotherapist in Vienna for many years. Of course, the perspective of western psychology influenced my approach to yoga and vice versa – the fruit of which is a yoga practice in which I connect with ease the east and the west, the old and the new, the rational and the emotional and many other polarities.

In the spring of 2017, I had an opportunity to purchase a beautiful house in Altafulla, a small town on the mediterranean coast – 80 km south of Barcelona. This is the place where from now on I offer yoga-workshops and teacher-trainings for all people who have the desire to practice and to explore some of the many secrets of yoga.

Why Spain? The mild Spanish climate with a warm sunny ambience all year round, the cool breeze of the mediterranean, the salty air, the sea and the smell of the pine forests make me feel even more alive, healthy and happy. Years ago, I learned Spanish in high-school in Austria and was touched by the beauty of its melody. Now, it is all coming together…



From £91/night

£640 total


8 days / 7 nights


23/08/2020 - 30/08/2020

Retreat Capacity

10 people

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