47GG+VX Naousa, Πάρος, Greece


Primary type: ✓Yoga
Secondary type: ✓Wellness ✓Meditation ✓Rejuvenation ✓Energy healing ✓Vegetarian
Skill Level: ✓Beginner
Host Language: ✓English



Take these few days away from your daily responsibilities, switch off, rejuvenate and explore a different way to still the mind and become more present.
Most of the days in our lives, we are lost in the matrix of our thoughts, beliefs, opinions and preferences, a state where we experience inner division in which there’s an identification with the so many voices in our head, and that is how we walk away from our natural state.

There is this dimension of ourselves, which is deeper than our obvious form and it’s vital for our own survival. This deeper dimension is actually our natural state which is the never-ending openness of being—in other words, consciousness itself. This consciousness exists prior to thinking and feeling and It’s what is always here when you stop giving all your attention to the activity of the mind. It’s what happens when you are immersed in beauty when you’re still in nature when you’re running or dancing or making love. The most magical truth is that we can train ourselves, our minds, to reach this state on demand.

The path to this mind-training is meditation, stillness and silence.

The Silent retreat is the opportunity to explore and notice what keeps our attention at the surface, what holds us back from going down into our innermost depth and to practice surrender while being held in the loving spaciousness of the container of the retreat itself.

The invitation to surrender into the silence at the core of our being is coming home to our natural state. And when we move from this silence into the world, the rewards are revolutionary!

What's included in the package

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Daily Organic Dinner
  • Daily organic buffet brunch
  • Daily organic buffet breakfast
  • 4 nights accommodation


Sasy Chasomeri
Sasy started practising yoga in 2006 and has been teaching since 2010. She has a background in various studies, from Business Management and Public Relations to Teaching English as a foreign language to both children and adults. She also has a background in many active sports.

She tried yoga for the first time during a very challenging and grieving period of her life and it was “love at first breath”..!! Through yoga practice, she found the means to heal her body through alignment and transformed her attitude and perception towards life through the philosophy of Tantra.

Teaching yoga came as a natural progression and her background of working with children have enhanced her teaching qualities with love, compassion, and a playful attitude. She has studied with different and amazingly gifted teachers such as Konstantinos Charantiniotis, Tara Judelle, Todd Tessen, Carlos Pomeda, Jonas Westrin, Vivi Letsou just to name a few.

Sasy's 12-year experience in teaching different methods of yoga has to lead her to teach from the heart, adjusting her teachings according to every individual’s needs. Combining the Anusara yoga method of alignment and philosophy with Ayurveda.



From £130/night

£521 total


5 days / 4 nights


22/04/2020 - 26/04/2020

Retreat Capacity

20 people

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