6 Day Yoga Retreat

58, NH 7, Ayurpak street, Near Anandparkash, Tapovan, Tehrigarwal, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249192, India


Primary type: ✓Yoga
Secondary type: ✓Meditation ✓Vegetarian
Skill Level: ✓Beginner ✓Intermediate ✓Advanced
Host Language: ✓English


The Yoga Retreat at the Deep Learning Yoga School in Rishikesh, India, offers you the opportunity to explore Rishikesh while you learn Yoga. Isn’t that an excellent opportunity? In Yoga Retreat provided by us, you will learn Yoga, Meditation, Shatkarma, and Yoga Philosophy as well as connect with your inner self without losing touch with the outer world. Your life will be full of peace and tranquillity with the quality time you will have with us at the Deep Yoga Learning School. The activities such as Yoga, meditation, etc. will fill you up with the inner peace and mindfulness. In contrast, the beautiful, mesmerizing views your eyes will capture in Rishikesh will make your heart fill with content and will make you feel being in that moment at that exact point of time.

The best part about the Yoga Retreats is the fact that it is suitable for all kind of learners doesn’t matter if they are beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Also, you get to learn in a place where the Yoga initially originated. So, you get to learn yoga from the teachers who are experienced in Yoga and have in-depth knowledge and understanding about it. Moreover, with us at the Deep Learning Yoga School, you get to eat healthy satvik food, which is more nutritious than your ordinary regular meal. Also, the proper schedule of Yoga and meditation in our school will bring discipline in your life, and it will also boost your concentration power, thus making you more productive.

It’s time to explore the unexplored, visit the unvisited, understand yourself more, experience the roller coaster of emotions, and all this in a single package, the Yoga Retreats by the Deep Learning Yoga School, one of the best Yoga Retreat center in Rishikesh, India.

What's included in the package

  • Two Yoga Classes Daily
  • One Pranayama and One Meditation Classes Daily
  • Nature Excursions
  • One Tour The Himalayas
  • 5 Nights Accommodation
  • Daily nutritious vegetarian meals and herbal teas
  • Free pick-up service from Dehradun airport
  • One ayurvedic massage


YOGI Yogesh
Yogi Yogesh is a young and dynamic teacher. He teaches Human Anatomy, Physiology & Yoga therapy at Deep yoga school. His passion for teaching always inspires him to gain in-depth knowledge of his subject. His teaching is based on theory, discussion and demonstration, using all tools and techniques. He has done Masters in Yoga Science & Yoga Therapy. He is also certified in 500 Hours RYT in YTTC.

Yogi Himanshu is a young, energetic yoga instructor specializing in Hatha and Ashtanga-vinyasa traditions. Through yoga, he wants to inspire people to set long term health and fitness goals for themselves to improve their well-being. Himanshu has been working with students of varying skill levels and is proficient in modifications, alignments and adjustment of asanas. He is one of the best yoga teachers in Rishikesh India he has teaching experience in china Bali Thailand .He is also certified in 500 Hours RYT in YTTC.

Yogi Manish
Yogi Manish is a Motivated Yoga Instructor with advanced training in yoga, specializing in Ashtanga and Hatha principles. He gets much enjoyment from inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness goals. He is full of energy which complements his collaborative spirt . Manish has garnered a teaching skill, being an encouraging, flexible, adaptable and intuitive. He customizes programs to individual needs within each group and for all skill levels, from beginning to advanced, teaching students correct postures to ensure maximum benefits and safety. Having worked with students of all body types and fitness levels, he finds it natural to develop tailored programs to Work with students of all increase fitness and wellbeing. He has been a lifelong learner of yoga and associated practice, receiving his bachelor of arts in Yoga and became Yoga Alliance certified in 2015. He is now continuing pursuing his learning process by taking a Masters in Yoga .He is also certified in 500 Hours RYT in YTTC.

Yogi Vijeth
Yogi Vijeth -Yoga chooses you. For Yogi Vijeth that was the present that family, surroundings and Guruji gifted him. From a very young age, everybody around him was fully aware of Yoga and Vedanta, unfolding before him the depths of spirituality. Throughout the passing next years, different encounters with wise and enlightened beings sow the mystic seed inside him.

When he decided to follow his sister and started practicing as a student of BNS Iyengar in Mysore, he began understanding the essence of Yoga. As an avid reader and student of English Literature in the University of Mysore, his intuition refused to deny a deep connection for the teachings of the greatest Yoga Masters of all time, which after completing his degree led him to study post-graduation in Yogic science and human consciousness at Manglore University . He is also certified in 500 Hours RYT in YTTC. He has teaching experience in china Thailand Bali .



From £31/night

£155 total


6 days / 5 nights


11/04/2020 - 16/04/2020

Retreat Capacity

15 people

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