Yoga Camp

4JP6+JP Tokamachi, Niigata, Japan


Primary type: ✓Yoga
Secondary type: ✓Spiritual ✓Detox
Skill Level: ✓Beginner
Host Language: ✓English


Our vision is to offer a yoga camp in the rural side of Japan, involving craftsman, who are dedicated to their life. Sharing what carries value, and create a community which spreads the word of quality life.

We offer a „grounding, detox, de-stress, love & breath“ program: to get off from our digital habits (e.g.: phones off); aiming deceleration. During the 10 days, the customers receive a structured yoga practice (built of physical and mental elements) from Rishikesh Sakalesh, our Indian yoga teacher from Trivandrum, Kerala. As a supporting instructor, I will be guiding you. This camp is limited to a group of 10. With yoga theory and praxis, we create a new regular routine, which helps the participants to regain on focus and possibly to change old habits.

Strengthening one's willpower or discovering new abilities through the program is our goal.

The 250-year-old former temple(hostel since July 2018) has been renovated to be a beautiful Inn. It is located 5 min drive from the nearest train station, which is 90 minutes by a bullet train from Tokyo. There are four bikes (free of charge) available. Beautiful hiking/cycling trails start nearby and there are no tourists around! The temple went through a complete renovation, so its toilet and shower are brand new. We can use the whole temple as our own house. Smoking is strictly prohibited both inside and around the Inn. Situated 10 minutes walk from a traditional hot spring (onsen) where guests can experience the Japanese way of taking a relaxing hot bath/shower. WIFI is available. The temple has a kitchen with all the necessary tools (water boiler, fridge, stove, cutlery/chinaware, microwave, hairdryer) NO LAUNDRY-MACHINE!

What's included in the package

  • Transfer from/to airport
  • 2 Japanese meals / day
  • 2 yoga and meditation classes / day
  • Excursions to the sea
  • Personal coaching
  • Paper crafting
  • Cultural programs
  • Microbrewery visit


Rishikesh Sakalesh, Tamas Rakosi
My name is Tamas. Inspired by the Scandinavian outback, Yogavikinger stands for strengthening willpower, reconnecting with nature and finding our own spiritual path. These three pillars completing the vision of a yoga Viking. Resonating with our surroundings and contributing to our skillset for a better world.

At age 37, one of many turning points of my life led me to finally enter the world of Yoga. I just started to attend yoga classes by curiosity. I got influenced earlier by my mom though, and by people around me, but somehow it took its time. I had gained my flexibility through ballet, which made me aware of my body, but my mind was still far from yogic qualities.

In 2017 my wife suggested becoming a certified Yoga instructor for children. The next year, after a long struggle, I was finally ready for my trip to India. I got not only my YA 200hrs certificate from there, but it was also a fantastic experience in Rishikesh. The culture-shock gave me more than just basics; it helped me as well to understand the roots of Yoga and learn by simple observation – as we do in any posture.



From £285/night

£2852 total


11 days / 10 nights


08/05/2020 - 18/05/2020

Retreat Capacity

10 people

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