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Punta el Custodio 1, Punta el Custodio, 63709 Platanitos, Nay., Mexico


Primary type: ✓Wellness
Secondary type: ✓Yoga ✓Meditation ✓Energy healing ✓Spiritual ✓Rejuvenation
Skill Level: ✓Beginner ✓Intermediate ✓Advanced
Host Language: ✓English ✓Spanish


Private Retreats- Get the Clarity, TLC and Personal Attention You Need to Create the Change You Want in Your Life!

If you are looking for some personal downtime, need help to break through and heal from a difficult issue in your life, want some time to reconnect with yourself, and would like professional therapeutic support then join us on retreat! 

This is the time and place for you to really come alive and thrive...

If you have been feeling bored, stagnant or stuck in your life, and ready to finally get through it and into a better place this retreat is for you! Through private insightful hypnotherapy sessions, life coaching and tangible mind-body techniques, you'll regain your bearings, balance and flow to start enjoying your life again.

You will relax into your retreat with a therapeutic Goddess/God massage, complete with a sea salt exfoliation and a herb-infused facial and have lots of personal relaxation time each day so you can reconnect with yourself and gain some much-needed downtime. You will also receive personal herbal and nutritional guidance that will support you to care for yourself long after you have returned home, centred and renewed.
Through rejuvenating body movement and daily immersion in nature (including a trip to our local waterfalls), you'll reconnect with your life force. And through daily meditation and healthy vegetarian meals, you'll deeply nourish your body-mind, leaving you more energized, refreshed and excited then you have been in years.

By the end of this retreat, you will feel reconnected, rejuvenated and secure knowing that you have all the tools you need to support yourself moving forward into the next joyful chapter of your life!

Flexible Dates and Alternative Locations are Available.

What's included in the package

  • Safe, luxurious accommodation and airport transportation to and from the retreat
  • Yoga and Pilates practices and a variety of meditations
  • Transformational hypnotherapy and life coaching sessions
  • A Goddess / God therapeutic massage experience
  • Daily immersion in nature and a trip to our local waterfall
  • Personal herbal and nutritional guidance and gourmet vegetarian meals
  • Engaging discussions, journaling practices and tangible mind-body techniques
  • Fun, creative artistic experiences and personal relaxation time each day


Lizzy Robbins HHP, CH
I became interested in holistic health through my own healing experience. I was born and raised in Southern California. In 2011 I was injured in my job as an ocean lifeguard. This was one of those moments where your life as you know it has changed forever . in a day. It was not an easy process. Rather it was one of the most physically and emotionally painful experiences I had encountered in my life; but I got through it and I healed, grew and started a new life. 

Through my recovery process, I experienced a variety of healing modalities. I came to realize certain things to be true: that the body's natural state is good health,  and that the body knows how to heal itself and be well. What we need to know is how to support ourselves in our process. 

I became so fascinated with the healing process that I choose to study holistic health at the Natural Healing Institute. Later I expanded my studies into mind /body /energy healing techniques through hypnotherapy focusing in life coaching and behavioral coaching at the California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences. It is my wish to assist you and support you in any aspect of your health, well being and personal development.

Jenny Robbins
Jenny Robbins, also experienced an injury that led to a re-alignment in her life bringing her to Nayarit, Mexico. She re-created her life and became a  Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, and started her own property management business as well. She lives in the flow of life and specializes in energetic interior and exterior design based on the principles of Feng Shui.

Jenny has a natural talent to create beauty in the world and enjoy life! Aside from creating stunning energetically functioning spaces, her talent for creating beauty extends to the culinary arts as well. She is the artist of most of the healthy gourmet meals you will enjoy on retreat. Her plates are absolutely beautiful and made with love you can taste!     



From £345/night

£2068 total


7 days / 6 nights


31/01/2021 - 06/02/2021

Retreat Capacity

10 people

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