Sacred Journey

Jirón Grau 425, Urubamba 08661, Peru


Primary type: ✓Spiritual
Secondary type: ✓Yoga ✓Meditation ✓Energy healing ✓Women only
Skill Level: ✓Advanced
Host Language: ✓English


We’ll visit ancient spiritual places and cosmic gateways, receive beautiful activations and connect with our hearts through various traditional shamanic ceremonies and experiences. Come with me on a mystical, magical journey to the sacred sites of Peru.

Explore and connect deeply to the energies and history of ancient sites and energy vortexes. Explore the majestic Peruvian countryside in the Andes while you experience ancient cosmic energy activations, practice meditation in sacred temples and classical, ancient yoga according to the Ananda Marga tradition.

This is a journey to remembrance, to activate, expand, to cultivate a deeper connection with your Soul and with the energy of Pachamama (Mother Earth). Connect with your Toroidal Field to expand your energy - this is the energy system found everywhere in nature, from the smallest atom to the entire galaxy.

When women come together and share their wisdom, powerful healing unfolds.

This is a sacred journey into remembrance and discovery through energy medicine, ascension activations, sound healing, soul dance, empowering breathwork, deep restorative and healing embodiment practices, energy integration, cacao and other ceremonies to reconnect you with your divinity and creative energy so you can create more joy and abundance in your life.

Plus, you’ll be immersed in this experience with an amazing soul tribe that you’ll create lifelong relationships with.

Let me hold space for you as you release worries, fears and doubts and embrace new experiences, open your heart, lean in and let the layers peel back to reveal your true self.

What's included in the package

  • Airport transfers
  • Ground transport as per schedule
  • 4 Star accommodation apart from Amantani Island (host family stay)
  • Rituals, ceremonies, yoga, meditation
  • Energy healing, activations at sacred sites
  • All breakfasts, 7 lunches, 6 dinners
  • Excursions to sacred sites as per schedule


Natali Brown
I'm Natali Brown, your Spiritual Wellbeing Mentor & Coach, Modern Day Alchemist, Master Healer and Light Language Channel. I'm so grateful to have a deep connection with Spirit and to use my incredible intuition to guide and teach conscious, heart centred woman how to be courageous, confident, empowered and to lead and serve with love. After experiencing various challenges throughout life and a traumatic event in 2016 which changed my life forever, I did much searching.

I finally let go of my stubbornness, started remembering who I was through embracing every opportunity. This led me to listen to my heart and the call from the Universe and stepped onto my true path. I now live a happy, inspired and successful life teaching other women how to do the same. My mission is to educate, inspire and empower a movement of soulful, conscious women through life and business and to create a powerful sisterhood where women feel safe and connected. I lovingly invite you to be a part of this sisterhood. I’m passionate about helping you release limitations and beliefs and to help you step into a space of personal confidence. Let me guide you to remember who you are at your essence.

Angel Amita Leuna (Our Peruvian Guide)
Angel was born in Norway and soon found that she felt very drawn to explore sacred places on the planet. Her first big journey was to India as soon as she finished high school. After that Angel has explored more than 33 countries and lived in Peru since 2012. Angel has been practising yoga and meditation daily for almost 24 years and has been teaching in various countries since 2002. Angel is passionate about helping to raise consciousness on this planet and help people heal. She also feels that part of her life - mission is to help restore balance in nature.

Angel has been an active land healer since 2012 helping to create the world wide earth- healing grid network. She is also an active healer, seeing clients from various countries. She has been running several retreats in Peru since 2014 and the community is now growing big! Educational background:~ 4 years of classical homoeopathy ~ Qualified Classical Homeopath~1-year basic medicine~ 200 h Ananda Marga Yoga Teacher



From £201/night

£2609 total


14 days / 13 nights


13/10/2020 - 26/10/2020

Retreat Capacity

14 people

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