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Schönbüchstraße 24, 77887 Sasbachwalden, Germany


Primary type: ✓Spiritual
Secondary type: ✓Energy healing ✓Meditation ✓Rejuvenation ✓Vegan ✓Raw
Skill Level: ✓Beginner
Host Language: ✓English ✓German


Experience your inner light with our Astral Travel and Spiritual Experiences Group Darkness Retreat. Spending a lengthy period in the darkness is a very special experience, as this form of spiritual meditation intensifies our personal and spiritual development. Symbolically, the darkness is like a mirror covered by a veil of external stimuli during our day-to-day lives. The darkness makes this veil invisible and paves the way for deep inner processes, as well as experiencing the astral worlds.

We invite a group of up to 12 people to open up to the darkness and accept it as a guru who will lead you back to yourself. You will be assisted during this process, and the group will retreat to the darkness for a period of 10 days.

During a Darkness Retreat, at first, you will experience a deeper sense of self, before returning to your inner core and observing your mental processes. Far removed from the stresses of daily life and separated from visual sensations, these experiences have the necessary space to unfold. Sensations of primal sound and light, visitations by spirit entities, the deceased, light beings or forces of nature also become possible. Other common experiences include sensing the void, reincarnation experiences, sensing a second body (the energy body), astral travel and other out-of-body experiences.

What's included in the package

  • Support and guidance
  • Tools and resources
  • Smoothies 3x per day
  • 10 days of lodging


Bharati Corinna Glanert
For over 10 years, Bharati has been studying ancient Vedic knowledge, a pearl of very protected wisdom that was, until now, accessible only to a few seekers. She was led into deeply spiritual processes at highly energetic places of power and practiced intense Sadhana meditation. Through a profound, unifying and transcendent mystical experience, she experienced a very powerful kundalini awakening that opened channels within herself to see subtle energy fields. Since then, Bharati has intensively studied astral worlds and everything about the aura.

Through darkness retreats, she guides and accompanies all those who are interested in their own soul experiences. Through individual consultations, presentations, and workshops, she is here to share knowledge on how we can activate our own soul and healing powers. Her main focus is energy work using Mantras, Yantra and energetic processes with spiritual power objects.



From £187/night

£1680 total


10 days / 9 nights


14/08/2020 - 23/08/2020

Retreat Capacity

12 people

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