Invisible Bonfire

13-260 Pohoiki Rd, Pāhoa, HI 96778, USA


Primary type: ✓Fasting
Secondary type: ✓Wellness ✓Vegan ✓Yoga ✓Rejuvenation
Skill Level: ✓Beginner ✓Advanced ✓Intermediate
Host Language: ✓English ✓Portuguese


Ignite Your Inner Fire.

In a culture so conditioned to snacking, the idea of going without food for days may sound crazy. But fasting is one of the oldest known health remedies and modern science is now beginning to understand it's power, which comes town to autophagy, a fancy word for the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells.

When we stop providing our bodies with constant sources of fresh calories, it turns inward for fuel. Imagine you lost electricity to your house in the middle of winter and had to start burning stuff around the house for fuel - you wouldn’t start with your new table would you? You’d start with the scrap wood and work your way up from there, getting rid of anything old or broken.

Our body does the same thing when we fast, providing it with an excellent opportunity for deep cleaning that it otherwise wouldn’t get around to. This explains how fasting can promote longevity and reduce inflammation.

In addition to the 5-day coconut water fast, participants will benefit from the inspiring natural setting of our retreat, the daily yoga, meditation, facilitated journaling and hydrotherapy, as well as workshops that provide education about the physiology of fasting and optimal nutrition for daily living. This retreat includes one and a half days pre and post-fast for "re-feeding" with nutrient-dense foods so that participants depart feeling fully replenished.

What's included in the package

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Workshops


Dr. Kellie Moore, ND
Kellie is a licensed naturopathic physician, a registered yoga instructor and the founder of Presh Health. Learn more about Kellie's practice at www.preshhealth.com.



From £303/night

£2424 total


9 days / 8 nights


10/03/2022 - 18/03/2022

Retreat Capacity

18 people

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