Alajuela Province, La Fortuna, Costa Rica


Primary type: ✓Fitness
Secondary type: ✓Fitness ✓Active sport ✓Rejuvenation
Skill Level: ✓Intermediate ✓Advanced ✓Beginner
Host Language: ✓English


Haley New will guide us with Pilates focused classes during a 6-day Retreat in paradise. This Pilates retreat in Costa Rica is designed to have you leaving taller, more open and stronger throughout the body. Pilates n’ You will enable you to learn the work and take the practice home to continue feeling the best you can for your day-to-day life.

yoga retreat costa ricaWe will explore mobility, breath work, powerful Pilates mind-body and core connections, and how to align and support one’s body throughout the day to ensure proper posture and less pain throughout the body. Concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow are some of the Pilates principles that you will focus on throughout the retreat.

Everyone can do Pilates. Your back and body are worth the investment. Your body will thank you.

Said by Joseph Pilates himself:

“If, at the age of 30, you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60, you are supple and strong, then you are young. Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

What's included in the package

  • 6 nights accommodations
  • 3 meals per day starting with dinner on the first night and ending with breakfast on the last day
  • Group Ground Transportation to/from San Jose Airport to Retreat Center
  • Morning classes: a full hour-long mobility class followed by a full hour-long strengthening class
  • Optional workshop with a special focus on core engagement
  • Free time to play, explore nature, or rest and reflect
  • Gentle, restorative evening Pilates class


Haley found Pilates nearly a decade ago while living in Texas. She immediately fell in love with it after noticing changes in her body after only three lessons. Back home in Madison Wisconsin, she found and enrolled in the Midwest Pilates Institute instructor-training program. After receiving her certificate, she went on to teach at multiple locations throughout Madison and the surrounding area. She is now the lead instructor for Club Pilates in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Her goal as a Pilates enthusiast and instructor is to help people learn how to strengthen and move their bodies in a safe and sustainable way.

Pilates is an effective way to work the body to its proper limits and gain strength without too much heavy lifting or big movements. Clients say, “I feel taller, more open yet stronger.” after their lesson. Pilates is very complementary to other workout regiments and helps keep the body working more uniformly as a whole. It’s up to everyone to give him or herself a healthy life. Pilates is a great way to invest in oneself. No matter what ailments you may have, Pilates practice will help you gain and maintain stability, mobility, and strength throughout your body.

Listening to the universe led me to follow my passion for travel and wellness, by opening a travel agency, working at a Pilates studio and obtaining my Pilates teaching certification. I also believe the universe led me to Haley, an awesome mentor, and friend that decided to take a leap of faith and said “YES” when I asked her to lead this Pilates retreat.

I ask you to take the leap and say “YES” to this retreat, let me tell you why…

We practice what we preach and passionately pursue a lifestyle that keeps us well and active and has a heck of a lot of fun doing it.
Because life should be lived to its absolute fullest – and that’s not just lip service. That’s our life’s work, and for us, Pilates and Travel is the medium.
Costa Rica thrives on “Pura Vida” and compliments all that Pilates does for the body and this retreat will do the same for your soul!



From £4/night

£1435 total


360 days / 359 nights


20/02/2022 - 26/02/2021

Retreat Capacity

12 people

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