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Secondary type: ✓Yoga ✓Wellness ✓Rejuvenation ✓Meditation ✓Fitness
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Change. It is the only constant there is – so why is it so hard for us to embrace it?
If anything 2020 taught me, it’s that nothing is guaranteed. Each day, month, week, day, hour — things can shift in a heartbeat.
How we move through change is important. Do we dig in and refuse to see? Do we ignore and pretend its not happening? Or do we open through caution to the wind and walk forward in full acceptance of the moment at hand.
Our past is here to inform. It is not meant to be lived in. The ability to view our past as teacher takes skill. To view it objectively, without judgment takes practice. Only then can it be used as it was intended — to make us stronger and wiser.
Maya Angelou said, “I come as one, I stand as ten thousand.”
Out of the smoke and fire, we as women must rise up. It is what we have done and always will.
Join me on this journey to rise from your past and stand stronger. In a place of sacred land and wisdom deep from within the earth. We will connect with ancestors, commune with nature, and embrace the beauty of each other through ceremony, meditation, storytelling, and movement.

What's included in the package

  • 7 nights accommodations
  • Karma Yoga Service Project
  • Despacho Ceremony
  • Guided Hike to Sacha Munay Waterfall
  • 3 meals per day starting with dinner on the first night and ending with breakfast on the last day
  • Round-trip group transport to/from the airport
  • Daily yoga practices


Candace Glass, E-RYT 500 with certifications in hatha yoga, children’s yoga, yoga hour, prenatal yoga, and mindfulness.

Candace’s teaching is informed by the knowledge, experience, and wisdom that over 20 years of teacher experience provides. She continues to teach children, educators, yoga practitioners and those who want to teach yoga.

As a student, on her mat and off, Candace delves deeper into self-growth, with a strong emphasis on mindfulness and meditation as a practice. Yoga combined with mindfulness lead Candace to greater clarity, purpose, and self-love. Candace remains a student first, which she believes is vitally important to being a strong teacher.

Candace believes in joy, in practicing yoga with humility and effort, doing your best, and giving yourself some grace along the way. Off the mat, she can be found playing in the dirt (gardening) and spending time with her 3, four-legged babes.



From £205/night

£1435 total


8 days / 7 nights


30/10/2021 - 06/11/2021

Retreat Capacity

25 people

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