Uvita Beach, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica


Primary type: ✓Yoga
Secondary type: ✓Wellness ✓Yoga ✓Meditation ✓Rejuvenation
Skill Level: ✓Beginner ✓Advanced ✓Intermediate
Host Language: ✓English


Now, more than ever, we are committed to being in co-creation of growth and adventure with you all in Costa Rica. The uncertainty around our retreat and around so many aspects of our lives this year has given us the chance to look over some of our edges right here at home. We have all experienced big shifts and we are in the learning and growing process – with all its challenges, messiness, and beauty. So, we believe the ground of our hearts, bodies, and minds are even more fertile and receptive to the experiences we will share in our 2021 retreat to Costa Rica.

We are moving into this next year in spirit of openness, invitation, and continual re-focusing around our theme of What’s Over the Edge. We lovingly anticipate being with you all in this beautiful place in July of 2021. This retreat is lovingly designed to let you take a look over the edge – the edge of a beautiful rainforest into the Pacific, the edge of your yoga practice, the edge of your awareness, and the edge of your day-to-day life. Kat Harmon, Monty Coggins, and Bodhi Deva Ma will offer yoga, meditation, and other deeply healing experiences designed to connect you to the primal essence of the four elements – earth, water, air, and fire.

Participants will not only enjoy a week of full presence with every aspect of self in community, but will gain the experience of deep self-inquiry and learn a personal daily practice that you can take with you into the rest of your life.

What's included in the package

  • 7 nights accommodations (1 night at the airport hotel and 6 nights at Retreat Center)
  • 3 meals per day starting with dinner on the first night and ending with breakfast on the last day
  • Personal daily practice, breathwork, several styles of yoga, meditation, energy healing techniques
  • Group Ground Transportation to/from San Jose Airport to Retreat Center
  • Cacao Ceremony with Ceremonial Grade Cacao
  • Personal retreat time (having time to nap, explore, walk, read, and just be)


Monty Coggins, a professional teacher & health enthusiast throughout his life, was first drawn to the athletic practice of Baptiste yoga in 2003. In 2010, Monty completed his 200 hour teacher training through Yoga One in Charlotte, NC. Over the last 9 years, Monty has brought his humorous and deeply authentic brand of yoga to studios and fitness centers all around the Charlotte area. The physical practice has brought Monty to a deeper awareness of the spiritual and energetic aspects of yoga and developed other areas of his practice and teaching including more gentle forms of yoga; yin, deep stretch, pranayama, and yoga paired with meditation. This experience has helped him relax into his personal mantra, “do the practice, all is coming.” Monty shares his enthusiasm and gentle strength with his students, drawing their innate power into their awareness. His commitment to the development of and deepening of community in his classes brings a unique flair to his offerings.

Kat is the quintessential urban yogi. A professional dancer and fitness enthusiast throughout her life, she has brought new dimensions to her spiritual life & physical wellness through her personal experience with yoga. Beginning in 2009, her practice has evolved from a physical to a deeply spiritual understanding of herself and others which led to her becoming a yoga teacher in 2013. Kat’s classes are sought after across the North Charlotte area because of her down to earth and inspirational teachings which incorporate both challenging and exciting physical practices with inspiring coaching to help practitioners live their best life. Kat has expanded her expertise through her training at the Circus Center of Boulder, CO as an Aerial Yoga Teacher and has started the premier Aerial Yoga program in the North Charlotte area.

Bodhi is a spiritual guide who respects and enhances each students’ own process of personal growth. She offers a wealth of spiritual resources, knowledge & techniques to meet each student/client where they are and supports them without judgement into the fullness of their experience.

Bodhi has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies, specializing in Eastern Religions and a Master’s degree in Community and Mental Health Counseling.

Her professional focus has been on stress management & healing emotional issues through developing mindfulness & working with the subtle energy body.

A certified meditation instructor since 2007, she is also a 200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor trained in Mystical Yoga, which integrates traditional yoga and advanced shamanic practices from South & Central America. She has over twenty years of experience with Tibetan & Southeast Asian Buddhist practices, Vedic yogic practices and has been trained in traditional shamanic practices.

Bodhi is trained in several modalities of Energy Psychology including:
Reiki Master/Teacher since 2003
Kolaimni Level 1
Eden Energy Techniques
Emotional Freedom Technique
Tappas Acupr



From £227/night

£1586 total


8 days / 7 nights


10/07/2021 - 17/07/2021

Retreat Capacity

12 people

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